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Who We Are

More than 60 years doing sustainable business.



Khoury Industrial was founded in 1957 in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Its founder, Nabij Khoury, begins by manufacturing blocks for customers who were in the vicinity of the facilities. In the early 90’s the company rebrands its image and the foundation of its current vision is built.
The first success factor was to include technology as part of our expansion strategy. Then, we found the differentiating element that helped us penetrate new markets, the limestone raw material, our aggregate.
In 2000, Khoury Industrial began its strategy to penetrate the Caribbean islands market and we are currently positioned as a leading company. We now have more than 60 years of uninterrupted operations.


“Crear y promover las mejores soluciones para la construcción, en armonía con el medio ambiente y desarrollando líderes con nuestras comunidades, para construir el mejor futuro hoy generando valor compartido.
Esto lo hacemos con clientes y colaboradores satisfechos y empoderados, y con un modelo de gestión moderno y ágil.”


"By 2022, be leaders in the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for construction in the Caribbean and Central America, with brands of increasing market share and generating shared value for our shareholders, our people and our communities."


• We live loyalty and commitment
• We build happiness
• We are problem solvers
• We are a team
• We believe in the leadership of our brand
• We show gratitude and appreciation
• We are supportive

What Shapes Us?


We want to always take the first step. Think big, be fast, and assertive, this being the guarantee to maintaining growth.


We move from a focus on goods and products, to one where we comprehensively design solutions to the critical problems of our customers, incorporating services that increase value.


Times send us to be more than blocks. Our systems, processes, products, services, and the market all demand to accelerate the pace of innovation.


Our operations by design guarantee integral sustainability: environmental, social, financial and operational.


We love to build, without destroying. And we share this passion with our clients. This process is broader than the actual manufacturing of a real estate solution.

Caribbean & Central America

We were born here. We live here. We grow here.

Shared Value

We build hand in hand with the community, doing things right from the beginning and building our future together. This defines us and gives purpose.

Shareholders and Communities

We work for them. Communities take different forms and have interests that we share. That is why we make alliances, which allow us to agree and move towards a better world.


First company in the Dominican Republic certified: